No. OptimalAmino® is not intended to diagnose treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Yes! OptimalAmino® is EXTENSIVELY tested by multiple third-parties including the most reputable, independent third-party testing and certification organization in the world: NSF International.

OptimalAmino® has recently earned the NSF Certified for Sport® certification for quality and safety.

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There's so much. 

We regularly highlight published research on Essential Amino Acids on our Research page.

We also recommend that EVERYONE read Dr. Robert Wolfe's book A Guide to Amino Acid and Protein Nutrition: Essential Amino Acid Solutions for Everyone (The EAASE Program). It's only $9.99 on Kindle at Amazon.

This comparative, double-blind, triple crossover Net Nitrogen Utilization study determined the percentage of Anabolized Amino Acids (UAA), also known as Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU) and of Catabolized Amino Acids (UCA), in 66 subjects that were alternatively given the amino acid formula of Master Amino acid Pattern (Diet A), amino acid formula of the hen whole-egg protein (Diet B), and hen whole-egg protein (Diet C) during a twelve-week period.

The results of this trial demonstrated that this optimal amino acid formula provides a Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU) equivalent to 99%, which means that 99% of its constituent amino acids acted as precursors of the body’s protein synthesis and only 1% of its constituent amino acids generated energy and nitrogen catabolites. 

Lucà-Moretti, M.  A Comparative, Double-blind, Triple Crossover Net Nitrogen Utilization Study Confirms the Discovery of the Master Amino Acid Pattern. The Annals of the Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain – VOLUME CXV – Second Issue – MADRID, 1998.

Be sure to look carefully at the serving size. Many of the other EAA supplements claiming 99% utilization that are based on the same research as OptimalAmino® use servings only 1/2 the size of one serving of OptimalAmino®

Be sure to read the label and compare. If their label says 1 serving is 6.5g and OptimalAmino® says 1 serving is 13g, you'll need to compare the price of their 60 serving container to a 30 serving container of OptimalAmino®.

See a comparison of how the price of OptimalAmino® compares against other similar brands:

OptimalAmino® vs Leading MAP-based EAA Supplements and a Leading Whey Protein Isolate. Pricing retrieved from manufacturers' websites on 11/1/2020 and subject to change. 

Trademark Legal Notice: All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

We were paying high prices for EAA supplements based on this formula so we set out to provide the best possible EAA supplement at the lowest possible price. We found that most of the comparable EAA products were all retailed for about the same price and most had legacy distribution agreements, resellers, wholesalers, and affiliates that all drove up the final retail price. 

Without compromising quality, we have cut all of these extra markups out of our retail price and are selling direct to you.

The essential amino acids in OptimalAmino® are produced through a fermentation process where sugars extracted from plants are fed to bacteria that produce specific amino acids as a byproduct.

OptimalAmino® is proudly made in New York!

We chose a leading US-based contract manufacturer to ensure the highest possible quality. The facility OptimalAmino® is produced in is a FDA registered and NSF & cGMP certified facility located in the USA that undergoes regular inspections by NSF to maintain its certification.

OptimalAmino® uses ingredients that are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA and have no demonstrated adverse effects. We have not seen any negative side effects reported in over 100 clinical trials on EAAs.

OptimalAmino® Powder

NO! Other than the EAAs, OptimalAmino® powder contains only the following ingredients: Citric Acid, Inulin, Natural Flavors, Rebaudioside A (From Stevia Leaf Extract), Silicon Dioxide, Fruit and Vegetable Juice Powder.

OptimalAmino® Tablets

NO! In fact, our OptimalAmino® tablets contain NO ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS. ONLY the OptimalAmino® EAA Blend!


Our OptimalAmino® Berry Lemonade powder is a 30 serving container that has a net weight of 390g (13.76 oz). Each 13g serving contains 10g of the OptimalAmino® EAA Blend.


Our OptimalAmino® Tablets come in a 30 serving bottle containing 300 1g tablets containing only the OptimalAmino® EAA Blend.  NO OTHER INGREDIENTS!

The amino acids in OptimalAmino® are "vegan" grade as they are produced through bacterial fermentation from plant-derived sugars.

As a dietary supplement, take 2-3 scoops of OptimalAmino® in 12-16oz of cold water daily.

As an exercise recovery aid, take 2-3 scoops of in 12-16oz of cold water 30 minutes before resistance training or within 30 minutes of completing endurance exercise.

On hard training days or days of minimal dietary protein intake, take 2-3 scoops up to four times daily.

This will depend on your age, body composition, activity level, and goals. As a protein replacement, one serving (two scoops) of OptimalAmino® can replace up to 58g of protein from less efficient dietary protein sources like plants in helping meet your daily protein requirements. 

While sedentary individuals may benefit from just one serving per day, competitive athletes and those with intense fitness regimens may use four to five servings per day. We recommend that you consult with your physician if you have any concerns.

For best taste, we recommend keeping your open OptimalAmino® container refrigerated and mixing with cold water. 

Raw EAAs have a very unpleasant taste and the warmer the water the worse they taste. The natural flavoring/sweetener in OptimalAmino® can only do so much to mask the taste of the EAAs but the warmer the water, the less effective they are.

One of our frustrations that led us to create OptimalAmino® was that the price of the existing, comparable brands was too high and it prevented us from taking as much as we wanted to. 

There are no known side effects from taking too much OptimalAmino® but we recommend you consult your physician if you plan to consume more than 4 servings per day.

Probably not. Regardless of your activity level, protein turnover is taking place in your body at a rate of 300-400g per day! While your activity level may be low, your body must still maintain sufficient amino acid levels in your blood to support your organs and other tissues. 

Muscle acts as the reservoir for amino acid storage in the body and when blood amino acid levels drop, muscle will be broken down regardless of your activity level. Supplementing between meals and/or before sleep with a 99% utilized EAA supplement like OptimalAmino® will increase blood amino acid levels and trigger the replenishment of muscle protein naturally lost throughout the day and night. 

As you can imagine, this becomes even more critical as we age.

Probably not. In addition to the standard protein turnover of 300-400g per day mentioned above, exercise stimulates both muscle protein breakdown and protein synthesis (creation). This turnover of muscle protein, replacing older and poorly functioning muscle fibers with newer and and better functioning muscle fibers, is how we grow stronger. 

However, since some of the EAAs released during protein breakdown are degraded (through oxidation) beyond reuse, they cannot be reused to build new muscle protein and will ultimately be excreted as waste. To even just correct the imbalance between muscle protein breakdown and synthesis caused by exercise, you must consume sufficient EAAs in your diet through food or a calorie-efficient supplement such as OptimalAmino®. 

Probably not. There are many variations of time-restricted eating like intermittent fasting (in all it's flavors - 18/6, 20/4, etc), One Meal a Day (OMAD), etc and many have reported significant weight loss by following these protocols. However, the role of body protein turnover is often significantly underappreciated in these diets and while significant weight can be lost, this often comes at the expense of muscle as well. 

Protein turnover is continuing throughout the day but some of the EAAs broken down from muscle cannot be reused due to oxidation and must be replaced. The negative balance of EAAs in your blood triggers even further muscle breakdown to maintain balance and this can only be reversed through the ingestion of EAAs. While EAAs may be consumed through food or supplements during your eating window, there are limits to the stimulus EAA consumption can provide at one time. 

Without taking a calorie-efficient, 99% utilized, IF-friendly EAA supplement like OptimalAmino™ outside your eating window, there is a real risk of the undesirable loss of muscle as muscle protein breakdown begins to exceed muscle protein synthesis during time-restricted eating.

Probably not. In addition to the standard protein turnover of ~300g-400g per day, intensive resistance training or endurance exercise increases the rate of muscle protein turnover. The muscle protein broken down as a response to exercise provides EAAs into the blood and allows the synthesis of newer, better functioning protein to replace older muscle fibers that are not as efficient in generating force when they contract. 

But not all of the EAAs supplied through turnover are able to be reused and intensive exercise actually leads to a net loss of muscle due to increased turnover. A calorie-efficient EAA supplement like OptimalAmino®, used in conjunction with intensive resistance training or endurance exercise, can reverse the net muscle loss without the excess calories of protein found in food. 

Not only can OptimalAmino® be much more convenient than dietary protein for competitive athletes, it can also provide greater control in maintaining body composition. 

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No. In order to bring OptimalAmino® to market at the lowest possible price, we have eliminated all hidden markups like "free" shipping, discount codes, and sales promotions.

With OptimalAmino®, you pay the same incredibly low price everyday whether you order just one container or an entire year's supply.

But keep in mind that the shipping costs will be significantly lower per container when you order in bulk as it is a lot less expensive to ship one large box than it is to ship multiple orders.

For example (inside the USA):

1 x container of OptimalAmino® ships by UPS or USPS Priority for $9.00

6 x containers of OptimalAmino® ships by UPS or USPS Priority for $14.00

12 x containers of OptimalAmino® ships by UPS Ground for $18.00

By ordering more than one container at a time, you can reduce the shipping cost per container from $9.00 to less than $1.50!

Orders placed by 12pm EST ship the same business day from our fulfillment center in Virginia. 

You will receive a tracking number by email (and text message if you choose) as soon as your order ships.

Inside the US: We ship via UPS Ground or USPS Priority depending on which will arrive to you soonest. Most orders are delivered in 1-3 days.

Yes! We ship OptimalAmino® to APO/FPO addresses worldwide!

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International taxes might be applied upon receipt depending on your country's tax policy. 

EU: We are now registered to collect VAT in the EU and VAT will be included on all orders up to EUR 150,00 destined for the EU. 

Customs duty is calculated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods:

The percentage or rate varies depending on the type of goods. You can check the tariff applicable in the TARIC database for EU and Import calculator for USA.

The customs value is made up of: the price paid for the goods, the insurance cost, the shipping cost.

We recommend that all non-US based customers check their country's duty and tax regulations in order to estimate any charges that may be assessed upon delivery.

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Thank you for your interest in OptimalAmino® and we are as excited about it as you are. 

However, our rock-bottom wholesale-to-consumer pricing does not support providing wholesale accounts or reseller discounts.

Thank you for your interest in OptimalAmino® and we hope that you are enjoying the significant savings it provides vs other leading brands.

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As a veteran-owned company, we thank you for your service and we're happy to provide a discount to active duty members of the US military and veterans.

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